Omron connected devices

OMRON connected devices allow you to easily manage and record your weight and home blood pressure readings through a user friendly app. The app is free to download on the Apple or Google Play store and connects to your mobile or tablet device via Bluetooth. Once you've captured your recordings, the averages are worked out and displayed in a way that is easy to read and see trends over time. If your GP has asked you to keep a record of all of your recordings, the app securely stores your data and can be used to download your results to share via email or to be printed off. We've included a short demonstration of the app at the bottom of the page.

All of our OMRON Blood Pressure monitors are BIHS (British & Irish Hypertension Society) Approved and include a 3-year device warranty. Omron Intelli weight scales all include a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

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Omron Blood Pressure Monitors FAQs

Can I get my Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Re-Calibrated?

With all OMRON blood pressure monitors, the recommended time between calibration depends on the use of the product. If the monitor is being used in a home or personal environment, Omron recommend they are re-calibrated every 2 years. If the monitor is being used in a clinical environment such as a doctors surgery, Omron recommend that this is done annually to ensure the accuracy of the results.

OMRON blood pressure monitors all come with a 3-year warranty from date of delivery. If you still have a copy of your receipt or invoice, Omron can service your monitor free of charge for 3-years from the date of delivery.

If your device needs calibration or has developed a fault then you can either contact Omron directly or contact us.

How do I clean my Omron Blood Pressure Monitor?

Wipe the casing of the monitor clean using a soft dry cloth. Never use any abrasive type cleaners or submerge the monitor or any of the components in water. The cuff can be cleaned with a soft moistened cloth and a mild soap.

How can I read my Omron Blood Pressure monitor results?

All Omron blood pressure monitors currently stocked by the British Heart Foundation include an internal memory which can be accessed in the device menu. For your convenience we have included the user manuals on the individual product listings for more information specific to the device. Some devices may also connect to the Omron Connect app, to identify these devices it is possible to use the filter on this page to show only devices with Bluetooth connectivity.