London to Brighton Off Road 2018 Travel Ticket, Afternoon - 22nd Sept 2018


London to Brighton Off Road 2018 Travel Ticket, Afternoon - 22nd Sept 2018

These services are available for you and your bike. Please be prepared to encounter a short wait whilst loading each coach.

There are two services in the afternoon from Brighton back to the start venue.

Service 1 will leave at approximately 6.00pm but will begin loading from 5pm. This will be first come first serve for any ticket holders, once this coach is full it will depart and all other ticket holders will have to wait for the next service.

Service 2 will leave at approximately 8pm which is the finish cut off time for all riders. This coach will begin loading from around 7pm, and as with the first service, will depart once full.

Please note, the price of travel tickets may be subject to a price increase closer to the event and each service has a limited number of seats available. Once these are gone there will be no further services, so book your place in advance.


Tickets must be booked by 22nd August 2018. E-Tickets for this service will be sent via email before the event. You can purchase multiple tickets for the people in your group.


If you would like more information on the London to Brighton Off Road Bike Ride, get in touch, Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 Email: Telephone: 0300 330 3322

Terms and Conditions

  • When a Cycle Event uses a bicycle drop off or return service offered by the BHF under which bicycles are transported to the start or finish line of the Cycle Event, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that their bicycle is transported entirely at the Participant’s risk and that neither the BHF nor its contractors may be held liable for any accidental damage incurred during the transport or handling of any bicycle.
  • Travel Tickets are non-refundable