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What is the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal?  

Give hope to millions and help mend broken hearts

2011 is the British Heart Foundation’s 50th birthday. To celebrate we’re launching the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, one of our most ambitious projects ever. Its goal is simple – to fund the research that could begin to literally ‘mend broken hearts’.

Right now, the human heart cannot heal itself, so once your heart ‘breaks’, it stays that way. This ground-breaking research will help us learn how to teach the heart to ‘heal itself’.

An amazing possibility exists to create new heart cells that could help the heart regenerate itself. Damaged heart muscle could be mended.  Scientifically this is an achievable goal – in fact, it already exists in nature.

The zebrafish’s amazing ability to mend its own heart is teaching researchers how to trigger the same kind of cell repair in the human heart. (insert pic of Zebra fish)  

But we need to spend £50 million on research to repair damaged hearts. The hope is, if we can get the money, we could be funding trials with heart failure patients in as little as five years.

By supporting the Mending Broken Hearts research programme you will give hope to millions of heart patients as you help drive groundbreaking research through to early clinical trials in as little as five years.

Who could benefit from Mending Broken Hearts?


  • The majority of people living with heart failure. There are currently 720,000 people in the UK living with heart failure and the problem is growing.
  • The thousands of people living with a poor blood supply to limbs and vital organs.
  • Older people – as we learn more about how to repair valves.
  • Children born with some forms of simple congenital heart disease.
  • The thousands of families and carers currently coping with heart disease or the loss of a loved one.

Why we need you to support the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal?


  • Heart failure affects ¾ of a million people in the UK alone – and the problem is growing
  • Many patients diagnosed with severe heart failure have only a 40 - 50% chance of living for another five years
  • The chances of survival for many heart failure patients are worse than most forms of cancer
  • Heart and circulatory disease is the UK’s biggest killer

Help us give hope to millions.

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Read more about the Mending Broken Hearts Appeal or call 0844 847 2787 to find out more and get involved.